Today is: August 6 , 2021


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Scratch paper
Scratch p
Laser hollowing out the word
Laser hol
Drip loss
Drip loss
Integrated technology
Laser reveal
Laser rev
Grid grain security
Grid grai
Scratch paper
Scratch p
Laser Scratch
Laser Scr
Paper reveal
Paper rev
Paper Scratch (Scratch later)
Paper Scr
Quality electronic supervision network
Quality e
Paper opened (opened later)
Paper ope
Laser lifted (opened later)
Laser lif
Laser Scratch (Scratch later)
Laser Scr
Color Code Scratch
Color Cod
Scratch paper
Scratch p
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About US


    Guangzhou Li Dun Hologram CO.,LTD is a hologram company established by several experts having more than fifteen years experience in hologram indeustry.  

    We produce hologram stickers, holographic film, hologram hot stamping foil and scratch holograms. We supply hologram master origination, 2D/3D mastering system, Dot-matrix mastering system, electronic forming machine, hologram embosser(including soft embosser and hard embosser), gluing (adhesive) machine and die cutting machine.

    For years Li Dun always concentrated on holograms. With advanced equipment, technique and management, especially low cost, we are appointed as the worldwide agents of many purchasers. Attributed to our high quality, low price, service and good reputation, we have received a number of recognition and appreciation from clients all over the world. We also accept OEMs. If you are looking for a supplier.

    Today counterfeiting has become a very big problem in economy around the world. Genuine brands are loosing a considerable portion of their sales. To fight against the ills of counterfeiting, the holograms and other holographic products are used worldwide to protect and promote the brand names. Having played a pioneering role in holographic products in China and having modern manufacturing facilities for bulk production of holographic products, all under highly secured environment, we are best equipped to provide practical solutions to problems of brand protection.